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Well talk to her, compliment her...get to know her friends.

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Q: How can impress a girl to make a girlfriend?
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What to do when a girl rejects?

try to impress that girl to make me accept

How do you impress a boy with a girlfriend?

Look cute for them and hit on them. Try to make moves on him when you feel it is safe. Some would say it'll probably be best to let him go and not try to impress him at all; just think of how you would feel if a girl tried to impress a guy you're with.

What to give a girl to make her impress?

your true self

How can you impress a girl of class tenth?

make conversation with her

How can you tell if a guy likes you but he has a girl friend?

He pays more attention to you than his girlfriend and try's to impress you

Why does a guy want to impress a girl?

to make the girl fall for him and thing that he is amazing

Make a girl not hate you?

Stop trying to impress her and be yourself! But, of you are wierd, try to impress her.Don't be an idiot.

How can you become Justin Biebers girlfriend?

You need to meet him and impress him and make him fall in love with you.

How do you make friend who is a girl but she does not want to be my friend?

You have to impress her and not be an idiot

How do you make a girl be your girlfriend?

Firstly, You don't MAKE a girl be your girlfriend.. she will choose to be it. Secondly, You just ask her out.

How do you hook up a girl?

Aww her! impress her try and make her want you

How can you impress your girlfriend on her birthday?

Hire me