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How can a person get free cell phone service?

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Q: How can a person get free cell phone service?
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Need free cell phone with free service?

i need a free touchschreen phone

Where can one get free cell phone service?

You can get free Cell Phone Service from TerraCom. The TerraCom website provides free Cell Phones and Services to those who are eligible. You can check your eligibility online at the website.

Free reverse cell phone number search?

There is no FREE service.

How do you browse free on the phone?

You have to pay for online service on your cell-phone, from your phone company.

How do you get free ATT go phone min?

you don't email me to find out how you can get free cell service for life and have your phone pay you ! just put in subject line free cell service

Is there such a thing as free cell phone with service?

yes its called Safe Link they give you a free phone and free minutes

How can you tell if free cell phone service is really free?

Cell phone service is generally never free. Cell phone companies offer free phones when purchasing a rate plan, with a contract of one to two years, but the service is not actually free. There phones that some people are able to obtain through a state-funded source, which can seem as though it is free. In these cases, the service is once again not actually free since it is the state that is paying for the service.

How do you find a person's cell phone number by their name?

There is no free service that does this. If you want to find a person's number by just his/her name, some websites may be able to provide this service for a fee.

How to find cheap cell phones with no contract?

Cell phone plans from major cell phone service providers. Get free cell phones with wireless phone service plans from AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless and Nokia.

How does free cell phone tracking online work?

Free cell phone tracking online is where you go to a service provider that offers this and type in a phone number. Using satellites, they will locate the phone.

Can I stay with my present cell service (sprint) and still get a free cell phone?

Answer above question!

What does one have to do to qualify for a free prepaid cell phone?

Most of the time, one doesn't need to do anything to qualify for a free prepaid cell phone. One can get a prepaid cell phone by talking to a local cell phone service provider such as Rogers.

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