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By doing mastubration which means to rub or stimulate their penis.

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Q: How can a boy get sexual satisfaction without a girl?
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What is it called when a boy grabs a girls private parts without the girl wanting him to?

Sexual assault or Sexual herassment.

How do you make a boy or girl?

sexual intercourse

What is sex which boy and girl do with each other?

It's sexual relationship between the boy and the girl.

Where should a boy kiss a girl to get her into a sexual mood?

when boy is naked

Can a boy and a girl sleep naked together without having sexual intercourse?

Yes, it is perfectly possible although it depends on the comfort of people.

How do you tell whether you are a girl or boy?

Secondary sexual characteristics.

What happened if you kiss the girl and boy?

If you felt romantic/sexual emotions about both, the girl and the boy, you are most likely bisexual.

Is it necessary that the girl should be satisfied as well as boy so that the girl should get pregnant or the boy only discharge in the vagina will make the girl pregnant?

Satisfaction on the woman's part is not a requirement for pregnancy.

Can a girl get pregnant if she takes bath with her partner?

The girl will not get pregnant unless she has sexual intercourse with her boy friend. There are high chances that she will go for sexual intercourse with her boy friend during taking a bath.

What is the difference between a girl and a boy elephant?

different sexual organs

Can someone tell you if a girl of 15 and a boy of 17 want to be together and the mother of the girl say that it is okay can they be together without the boy getting into trouble?

Yes unless if you turn 18 before she turns 16 and you are having sexual relations with this person.

What Sexual Orientation is Tomboys?

Tomboy is not a sexual orientation it is a way of dressing. A Tomboy is a girl that dresses like a boy.