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"Marijuana is much worse than cigarettes. In fact, smoking just one joint of Marijuana has the same effects on your body as smoking a whole pack of cigarettes."

this is the biggest lie ever. marijuana at a specific amount contains about 33% of the harmful chemicals as tabaco , and these chemicals are soluable unlike the tar from tabaco . the THC chemical in marijuana contains no toxins wat so ever. cigarettes are worse, to answer your question, and there has bin no evidence of anyone dying from the actual use of marijuana, an average of 75 people a year die while "high" on marijuana, but ther is no certain connection between marijuana and the deaths

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Q: How bad are cigarettes compared to marijuana?
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Why do marijuana cigarettes side burn?


What causes more cancer cigarettes or marijuana?


Which is worse marijiana or cigarettes?

Cigarettes have much more harmful chemicals than marijuana but you hold marijuana smoke in your lungs longer than cigarettes, which is why it is also bad. I think cigarettes are worse.

Does marijuana stunt your height?

Cigarettes can, but no marijuana does'nt.

Where can you purchase marijuana cigarettes?

You cannot buy Marijuana cigarettes anywhere, legally. Sure, you could go to your local dealer and ask for some, but you can't go up to your gas station and ask for a pack. ...Too bad though.

What can you smoke with marijuana?


Which is worst for your body marijuana or cigarettes?

Marijuana is harder on your lungs, but given time, you can get lung cancer from both. Cigarettes are legal, Marijuana is usually not. From a health perspective Cigarettes have more known and proven health concerns than Marijuana.

Do Athletes smoke cigarettes?

There are athletes who smoke cigarettes & marijuana.

Is smoking marijuana worse than smoking cigarettes?

NO! Unless it's excessive. Everything is bad for you if done in excess

Is marijuana really bad on your lungs and Is it as bad as cigarettes?

"Marijuana is just as bad as tobacco on your lungs, ------------------- To date, there has never been a documented case of lung cancer from marijuana smoke, despite what you hear from certain anti-drug campaigns. Habitual pot smokers lungs do decrease in capacity, so its definitely bad for your lungs just as any smoke is. There is so much evidence of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, that it would be silly for me to write about it on WikiAnswers." any smoke is bad for your lungs , so singleing out marijuana is not a proper way to answer the question

Is smoking a marijuana joint just as bad as smoking tobacco cigarettes?

No, actually its safer. There are no cancer causing carcinogins in marijuana, while there are 40+ in tobacco cigarettes, including rat poison, arsenic and nicotine. Not once in all of mankind has someone died because of a marijuana related death, that's right, not once. Cigarettes kill 400,000 people a year. It is also impossible to overdose in marijuana.

Is smoking weed bad for your lumgs?

Inhaling smoke from anything is bad for your lungs and kills brain cells, whether it be from cigarettes, marijuana, or your bbq grill.