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Missing one pill during your cycle should not be enough to cause pregnancy.

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2010-09-17 16:01:17
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Q: Had a pill and used condom but had missed a pill earlier in the cycle?
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What pill can you take to bring on your period earlier?

There is no such pill. Your period is part of your menstrual cycle, you cannot speed-up your cycle or skip phases of your cycle to make your period start earlier than it is due.

Can skipping a pill make you miss a period?

Skipping a pill puts you at risk of pregnancy and can effect your menstrual cycle. Missing a pill usually causes your period to arrive earlier than usual. Because you've missed your period, perform a pregnancy test.

Should you restart your pill if you have missed a period?

Yes. You should continue taking your pill as scheduled, and take a pregnancy test if you missed any pills in the previous cycle.

What if your girlfriend tells you she has missed her period but she is on birth control and you used a condom during what could be the problem?

It could be that she is pregnant. No form of birth control is 100% effective. It could also be that the birth control pills are throwing off her cycle. when it came to end of 28 cycle last month she stopped pill had her period and never took pill from then now she missed this months period but test was neg is this normal

Can you get pregnant if you forget to take one pill in the first week of pills?

There is a possibility. Just to be safe, wear a condom or abstain from intercourse for a full week after your missed pill.

I am on 'the pill' but I missed one three days ago. I have taken the last 2 but still haven't caught up. What do I do?

Just keep taking it normally. You will naturally catch up. use a condom until your next cycle.

What other methods can you use if you missed 3 days of the pill?

You better use a condom or quit having sex... unless you want to get pregnant.

Will you still ovulate because you missed the first two days of your pill pack?

Yes, you may do, use a condom for at least two weeks.

Can you get pregnant if you missed a pill then took one on regular schedule then missed another one therefore missing 2 nonconsecutive pills all during the last few days before your period?

Just to clarify, this was over a three day period of time. I am due to get my period tomorrow. We had sex after I missed a pill, took one the next day, and then missed one the following day. We used a condom, but we might have accidentally skimmed my vagina when aiming for my butt ifor this portion he didnt have a condom on). I might be just overreacting... Idk. Should i take the morning after pill?

Can you still get pregnant on day 19 of the menstrual cycle?

You can technically get pregnant on any day of the menstrual cycle, but on certain days there is less of a risk. Use a condom, or get on the pill.

What if a pill was skipped on the third week and your partner ejaculated inside of you do you need to take the back up pill or start a new pack of pills?

When this happens, you need to use a condom for 7 days because you missed a pill. You could also take the morning after pill.

Can you get pregnant while bleeding on the pill and the condom bursts?

If you have not missed any pills in your cycle the BCP is 99.5% effective. While conception is always possible when you have sex - the odds are in your favor that you will not get pregnant. If you have missed any "active" BCP in the last week see the information at the link regarding Emergency Contraception. If you have not missed any "active" pills, Emergency Contraception is not needed, nor is it recommended.

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