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5 list of smoking

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Q: Effects on cigarette smoking in the respiratory system?
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Describe the effects of smoking on the respiration?

The effects of smoking on respiration can be detrimental. When you smoke, you inhibit the natural flow of oxygen, and each cigarette delivers some 4,000 toxic substances to the respiratory system.

Effects of cigarette smoking on the immune system?

smoking is very bad for immune system . becose

What are long-term effects of smoking on the cardio respiratory system?

you die

Why smoking is harmful to the respiratory system?

why smoking is harmful to the respiratory syetem

How smoking effects heart and respiratory system?

It damages lungs & air bags of lungs & valves of our heart

How does cigarette smoking affect the respiratory system?

the "smoke" stays in the lungs and as it builds starts to form a "tar" in the lung which decreases the efficiency of the lungs

What damage to he respiratory system does smoking do?

smoking can damage your heart, lungs and moth and other parts of your respiratory system.

What bad habits can injure the respiratory system and explain briefly?

the bad habits that affect our respiratory system are: (1)cigarette smoking (2)alcohol drinking (3)lack of exercise (4)lack of sleep

What does smoking do to the respiratory system?

Smoking is very bad for the respiratory system. It could cause cancer or an inability to breathe the correct way.

what are harmful things to respiratory system?


What system is damage most when smoking tobacco?

the system that is damage most when smoking tobacco is the respiratory system

What are the contains of cigarettes and its effect on your respiratory system?

Cigarettes contain many harmful ingredients like Tar, Arsenic (which is a poison), Nicotine (this is what makes you addicted to the cigarette) etc. The effect to the respiratory system varies from how much and the period of time you have been smoking. The damage to the respiratory system is the Alvoli in your lungs (Look like little sacs in your lungs) die and your lungs go black from the tar in the cigarette.

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