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Yes. Jailbreaking your iPod immediately voids the warranty of your device. Even if you remove the jailbreak from your iPod, Apple may still be able to detect the device has been jailbroken previously if you send it in for repair. They will refuse to repair it for free.

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Q: Does your warentty break when you jailbreak your iPod?
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After you jail break your ipod touch 3.1.3 when the battery runs out will your iPod touch break?

No, your ipod will not break. You simply charge it and re-do the jailbreak. no and you don't need to re- jailbreak it

Will restoring your ipod take the jail break off?

Yes, restoring your iPod will take off the jailbreak, and you will have to jailbreak it again.

How do you put a theme on your iPod touch?

you need to jailbreak it and its illegal and it could break your ipod

How do you jail break iPod Nano?

go to jailbreak me .com

Can your iPod break if you jailbreak it?

Yes, sometimes you might get a dodgy app on your iPod when you jailbreak. These problems are sometimes more serious than other times. It happened to my ipod...

Once you jailbreak your ipod touch do you lose everything you had on it?

Yes you do, infact If your jailbreak doesent go good, your iPod will break. I sugjest that you buy another iPod/iPhone and go to the safari and go to and jailbreak it.

Can jailbreak break your iPod?

Yes, and it happens very often. Jailbreaking your iPod is very risky, because it can corrupt the software, but more importantly, ruin the hardware. If you are not sure what you are doing, then do not jailbreak your iPod.

How do you jailbreak my iPod with firewire?

How to jailbreak my iPod touch

How do you get background picture on your iPod touch?

you have to jailbreak it but i wouldn't recommend doing that it could break your ipod and get you in trouble with apple

How do you jailbreak your iPod 4.3.5 8g?

kill a man and steal his ipod. that way, you'll be able to break out of jail

How do you jailbreak your iPod?

Go on the internet and type in jail break 3.0 then download cydia :)

How do you jailbreak iPod Touch 4.1?

to jailbreak your iPod 4.1 go to