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Q: Does your period stop when you are swimming?
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Your period is heavy and will not stop can you go swimming?

no you can not go swimming when your period is heavy. When it is at they very end and its not that heavy your period will not stop in the water, but will be held back. Also, if you go swimming and you have your period when you get out of the pool it might start to drip down your leg.

Does your period stop when you get into a swimming pool?

No. The cycle continues.

If your on your period and you go in the water will you stop?

NO :( . That's why you wear tampons when you go swimming.

If you're in a swimming pool will your period stop?

Unfortunately, when you go swimming, your period will not stop. It continues and if you are not using a tampon, you will notice blood flowing when you leave the pool. In the past, many women avoided the pool during their periods for this reason.

What should you do if your period is due but you want to go swimming?

you either have to stop or wear a tampon

Does your period stop when you get in a swimming pool?

The water pressure while you are swimming tends to hold in the menstrual flow. As soon as you exit the pool, however, you will notice the flow beginning again, so it is better to wear a tampon during swimming. So your period doesn't stop--it is not exiting the vagina while you are in the water.

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If they like swimming, why should they stop?

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They do not stop swimming, if they did they would die.

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Can you go swimming on 3rd day of your period?

You can go swimming on any day of your period, as long as you are wearing a tampon. If you are not, then you should not go swimming, as it would be unhygenic for those swimming with you.

If you had protected sex 3 days before your period date could that make your period come in a later time?

if your on your period before your date then go swimming so it might stop quicker, it depend if it's heavy or not if it's light it will stop but if it's heavy it won't work