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No, iPhones are not currently on Virgin Mobile (November 2011)

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โˆ™ 2011-11-14 01:27:37
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Q: Does walmart sell virgine mobile iphones?
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When will Walmart sell apple iPhones?

i dont know when u posted that question but its 2011 and Walmart does sell apple i phones!

What kind of store sells new iphones?

There are many stores that sell new iPhones. Many AT&T stores have a wide selection of iPhones to choose from, as well as Apple stores. They can also be found at Walmart.

What mobile phones does Walmart sell?

Walmart sells almost every mobile phone from the latest iPhone to the latest Samsung and Blackberry. All of these well known and high quality mobile phones can be purchased at walmart.

Does EB games sell iPhones?

No, but they do sell some accessories that work with iPhones.

Does metropcs sell iPhones?

Probably soon since T-Mobile has the iPhone and should be merging soon with Metro.

Does metro pcs sell iPhones?

metro pcs does NOT sell iphones

Does walmart sell cellular phone plans?

Walmart actually does sell cellular phone plans. They may be from a variety of providers such as Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile, and at&t. These plans can be found in Walmart's website.

Do you think Walmart sells virgin mobile phones?

Yes, in fact Walmart does sell Virgin mobile phones. Virgin phones can be found at Walmart's online site and in store mostly sold as a prepaid bundle.

What retailers sell mobile phone software?

There are many different places that sell mobile phone software online. The main ones are the Play store (Android Phones) the Apple Store (Iphones) and the Windows Phone Store.

Does bell sell iPhones?


Where can one purchase no contract mobile phones?

There are many places where one can purchase no contract mobile phones. Best Buy, Target and Walmart all sell mobile phones like this for purchase. HTC and T-Mobile also sell no contract phones.

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