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Wal-mart does do hiring of convicted felons. There are reports and studies that show that once convicted felons are actually some of the hardest, most dedicated, quick-learning, employees.

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Q: Does walmart hiring convicted felons
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What companies hire convicted felons in Texas?

There are many companies that hire convicted felons in the state of Texas such as Cintas, U-haul and the PepsiCo. The severity of the crime and the time length that has passed will ultimately help or stop the hiring process.

What companies in kansas city Missouri hire convicted felons?

ups. walmart and most companies will hire felons as long as its 7 years or longer old

When was Convicted Felons created?

Convicted Felons was created on 2006-09-05.

Whic companies are willing to hire convicted felons in houston texas?

Hiring policies are determined by individual companies. No employer specifically advertises that they will hire a convicted felon. You will need to apply and ask them.

What percentage of the National Football League are convicted felons?

28% of the NFL players are convicted felons

Does Walmart hire felons?

I am a convicted felon working for Wal-mart. I had a spotless record up until a year ago, and I have the lowest level felony in my state. I gave both of my interviewers full disclosure, and they did not have a problem with hiring me. I'm sure it depends on your honesty and your crime. Theft or any form of violence is a big no-no, as well as most drug related offenses. Again, I am a felon working at Walmart, and they have no problem with it. My roommate has been working for Walmart for over two years now. I also once worked for Walmart, I left for a better job offer. The point is that Walmart does hire felons. We both told the truth that we had been convicted of a felony and background checks were done.

How many convicted felons are in the US congress?

There are no convicted felons in congress. Felons can’t vote let alone run for office.

Can convicted drug felonies get disability?

Can convicted felons get disability

Can convicted felons get gun license?


Can convicted felons use a firearm?


Can convicted felons sell insurance?


What kind of jobs can convicted felons get in Alabama?

There are many jobs available for convicted felons in Alabama. Most warehouses and auto shops hire felons. There are also programs available to help felons better their lives.