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Yes, the PSVita has a touch screen as well as a touch sensitive back panel.

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Q: Does the PSVita have a touch screen?
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What types of PSP have a touch screen?

None of the PSP models have a touch screen, only the PSVita.

Does the PSVita have HD graphics?

Yes, the PSVita's screen is HD.

How big is the PS Vita screen?

The psvita screen is 6 inches

How do you download live area on psvita?

'Live Area' is the name for the PSVita's 'desktop' where your game and application 'bubbles' are. It is also the name of the screen that comes up when you touch a game bubble, but before you actually launch it. It is not something you need to 'download'.

Where is the LiveArea screen on the PSVita?

The PSVita's graphical user interface, that series of scrolling screens with your games and apps, is what is meant by the LiveArea.

How much does a PSvita cost?

a psvita is a very good videoplayer it is touch. it might cost 200$dollars in the united states

Can non touch screen can be a touch screen?

no,it can not be a touch screen if it is non touch screen.

Can you play gta 5 on psvita?

You can Remote Play both the PS3 and the PS4 version, meaning the console is the one running the game, with the PSVita being used as the controller and the screen. But there is no actual PSVita version of the game.

What is remote play on PS vita?

Remote Play is where the PSVita is paired to a PS3 or PS4. The main console plays a game, and the PSVita acts as both controller and screen.

Do you need a PS vita to use playstation TV?

No you do not. The Playstation TV is more or less a PSVita variant, with no screen or controls. It can play a selection of PSVita games and connects to the PSVita's PSN store to purchase PSP or PS1 games, etc.

Does the LG rumor have a touch screen?

the rumor touch does have a touch screen.

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