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na man, so light up dude.

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2010-07-11 17:54:13
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Q: Does smoking marijuana stunt growth if your a teen?
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How would a psychologist diagnose a teen smoking marijuana?

By running a drug test

How do you detect if your teen is smoking marijuana?

Do you want to know if your teenager is smoking marijuana? Rest assured, they are, just like you did. Do not worry so much about marijuana, worry about the hard drugs that will really screw up their lives. 5 in 10 teens try marijuana at least once. Even if your teen is experimenting with just marijuana, they will most likely get caught or outgrow it as they mature.

What are the dangers of teen girls smoking?

The dangers of teen girls smoking include addiction, progression to more dangerous narcotics, lung diseases and breathing issues. Teen girls may also suffer from poor growth as a result of smoking.

Will trying alcohol as a teen stunt your growth?

Having the odd sip or to out of your parents glass/bottle wont, but if you binge drink, it will.

What does a dream about your teen smoking marijuana mean?

it means that you should give your child more freedom because you're probably an uptight parent.

Will smoking stunt your growth if you are a teen?

Answer: No, but it can stunt your life, and everything good about your life. It will also pollute everyone else's air while you're still living. More Information: I am still trying to find out. Heavy smoking must have an effect on growth in height. I know of one guy that smoked and he is very very short...and in his 20s. This guy is a very heavy smoker. If you smoke many cigarettes, cigars of all sizes including the size of bratwursts and salami, made of tobacco or anything else, and have done this for many many years, even before you were a teen...start worrying... I am not sure how it can actually stunt growth unless smoking causes slight brain damage, and this can be harmful to teens since their brains are still growing... I know another 14 year old that smokes... not sure how much or what that he smokes, or when he first started... He isn't as bad as this other kid in his 20s, so since this 14 year old kid still has not finished growing I guess I will have to wait a few years to see how the smoking affects him. I doubt it i mean im almost 15-been smokin since i was 12 and i still grow fine-im 6 feet tall First you have to get this clear. SMOKING IS DANGEROUS FOR HEALTH! If you smoke, many functions of your body will be in danger's way and the most common is lung cancer. Secondly, smoking reduces your testosterone levels and make you sexually weak. As for growth, the hormone in the human body which is responsible for development is called Human Growth Hormone or HGH in short. The deficiency of this hormone results in slow growth and again smoking blocks the release of it in your body. It is not advisable for anyone top smoke be you teen or adult.

Is it bad to try to lose weight as a teen?

Yes and no, considering how your body is now. For example, it could stunt your growth if you do not need to lose weight. But if you are very overweight, then you can benefit from losing the weight.

How does marijuana affect the teen brain?

Marijuana may cause memory loss.

Does lifting dumbells affect height of teens?

No. It's a common myth that lifting weights as a teen will stunt one's growth. Beginners should lift weights under supervision to avoid injury.

How do states discourage teen smoking?

State laws, such as the increase in the price of cigarettes, discourages teen smoking by making it expensive to smoke.

What is the Percentage of teen smoking?

i hate pavs

How do state laws discourage teen smoking?

State laws, such as the increase in the price of cigarettes, discourages teen smoking by making it expensive to smoke.

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