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Marijuana cigarettes yes, tobacco cigarettes not so much.

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2010-11-10 22:13:33
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Q: Does smoking cigarettes raise your THC level?
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Does smoking cigarettes keep THC in your system longer?

No, the metabolites caused by Thc are completely unrelated to inhaling tobacco smoke

How can you decrease THC levels in body?

Stop smoking pot and wait for it to slowly leave your body. To eliminate THC in your body, STOP smoking pot. The Pot Smoking has STOPPED over 24 hours ago! How do I decrease the level of THC that is still in my system

How long does it take for the THC level to go down after smoking weed?

30 days

Can ibuprofen raise your THC level?

It can cause a false positive for marijuana. Aleve can too.

Can smoking cigarettes affect THC levels?

A cigarette bring you high up 33.3 percent but brings it down faster and makes you crash harder.

Is smoking one cannabis joint as harmful as smoking five cigarettes?

Not at all! Cannabis has many, many benefits. THC in marijuana can strengthen the mylen sheathes of your neurons, it cures asthma, it can increase your lung capacity. Cigarettes, though quite enjoyable, do not hold any benefits. Keep smoking weed, its good for you.

Are there any electronic cigarettes that contain THC?

No. Thc is still illegal for recreational use

How long after smoking marijuana can it be detected in your saliva?

instantly, or at least very quickly. however eating, smoking cigarettes, or using mouthwash can effect or inhibit the ability of a saliva test to detect thc. (no guarantees, but most likely)

What are the advantages of cigarettes?

Cigarettes don't really have any advantages. Theoretically, there might be some benefits to smoking as a drug delivery system. For instance, if someone is vomiting uncontrollably and cannot keep down any medicine to prevent vomiting, then smoking THC or some other anti-nausea chemical might help. Outside of that, smoking doesn't seem to have any advantages.

Does smoking cigarettes affect the time it takes THC to leave your system?

No it takes anywhere from 7-30 days depending on if you ever smoked before or not. But you have to remember THC stores in your fat so if you exercise it is possible to release a small amount back into your system

How do you pass THC test after smoking marijuana?

no there is no way THC will stay in your system for months

Can THC be detected in urine 30 days after smoking?


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