Does r4 card work in ds lite?

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2010-05-21 01:27:59

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Yes, the R4 Original is compatible with the Nintendo DS Lite.

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2010-05-21 01:27:59
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Q: Does r4 card work in ds lite?
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Is the r4 card of ds lite compatible with the newest DS?


Does the r4 DS on a old DS?

I don't know what you mean but the R4 will work on the original ds and the ds lite The R4i will work only on the dsi. Now, R4 DS card load wood r4 kernel can support many latest DS games.

Is the R4 compatible with the Nintendo 3DS?

No, not the original R4. The original only works on the DS and DS Lite. There will probably be one released someday that looks like the R4, but it won't have anything to do with the original. R4 DS card only work with DS and DS Lite,But R4 3DS card will work with 3DS,it include R4i SDHC 3DS,R4i gold 3DS. R4 3ds card supports the 3ds system devices, but only play ds games.

Can you watch movies on ds lite?

Not natively, but you can get a flash card such as the R4 that will let you. Google R4 DS

Where does the memory card go in the ds lite?

There is no memory card slot on the DS Lite. You can, however, buy some (such as the R4 or Acekard)

Does an r4 card work on an old Nintendo ds?

Yes it does. I have an older ds and I have an r4 card.

Is the Nintendo ds compatible with the r4 or does it have to be the ds lite?

Ok, let me start by rephrasing your question. Are you asking is there an R4 that was made to work on any DS?Well I am not sure about any but I can say a R4 card does exist that works on Most.Try theR4 SDHC v1.41 Card.

Will the r4 chip for ds lite work in your normal DS?

Yes!!! If a Gamecube game works in a Wii, then an R4 chip will work in both! ;)

Can R4i ds be used with ds lite?

If you purchase the right R4i SDHC Card it will work perfectly. In fact I think this is probably your best bet because if you ever do get a DSi XL (Like I just did) then you're set and good to go. The problem is a lot of places are selling clones, which are just repackaged slot 1 card under the R4 Name, and some do not work. Also, make sure you DO NOT get the R4 DS CARD because that one will NOT work in the DSi or DSi XL.. It'll work fine in your DS Lite but you'll be looking to buy another r4 card if you should ever update your console. Yes it is compatible with DS Lite & DSi. Yes, dsi can compatible with dsi, dsl, ds, but r4 can not run for dsi.

Can Nintendo DSi play R4?

From what I hear it is compatible. I am not compielty sure if it compatible. There are many r4 cards in the market currently. The r4 ds card is only for ds and ds lite. but the r4i card can run on dsi. Well, the latest version is r4 3ds card. It can run on Nintendo 3DS,DSi and DS console. If you want to get a flash card with good compatibility, I suggest you to got a r4 3ds card.

Does R4 works on dsi?

Only if you buy a R4i DS.If you have DSi Firmaware 1.4 , you will need to make sure the box says "v1.4!" Original R4 DS card can't work on DSi. There are many r4 dsi card in the world. which can run on Nintendo DSiXL, DSiLL, DSi, DS and DS lite.

How do you put music on your ds lite for free?

You can't if you only have a DS Lite. But if you have a flash cart such as R4 or M3, you can by downloading them onto a MicroSD card. Flash carts have a MicroSD card slot on them.

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