Does ps3 use a memory stick or memory card?

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2010-09-30 03:55:14

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Neither. A PS3 uses hard drive, but u can use a memory stick or card if u want to.

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Q: Does ps3 use a memory stick or memory card?
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Related questions

Is there a PS3 memory card?

No, PS3 does not use memory cards.

Can you use a memory stick on the PS3?

There is a little flap at the front of a PS3. Inside it are memory stick ports so you can connect them to your PS3

Can I use my memory card for my PS2 on the PS3?

Yes, the memory card for the PS2 can indeed be used in the PS3 also.

Can you use a ps2 memory card with the PS3?

No because the PS3 does not accept it...

Can you put a memory stick in a ps3?

very old PS3s had card readers and the new ones use the USB port and an adapter for the memory card to allow transfer of the information to a harddrive

What kind fo memory cards does the PS3 Memory Card Adapter by Sony use?

It can adapt memory cards from the PS2, PS3 and from the original playstation.

How many cards doe the PS3 Memory Card Adapter by Sony use?

It will use memory cards from any playstation.

Which is the memory card for psp?

You need a 'memory stick' which is made by Sony for use on Sony products.

What type of memory card does a psp use?

It uses the standard sony memory card that can be found anywhere basically.

Do PS3 takes a memory card?

I have a USB device that I can use with a memory card. I know the older model PS3's had memory card slots, but only the first models with 4 USB Ports. You can also create memory cards within the hard drive. Other than this no they do not take a memory card and instead have a harddrive memory. Since they have a USB port it is easy to purchase a USB memory card adaptor

Does the iPhone have a memory card slot?

The iPhone is the only phone as of now that can not have the memory increased with the use of a memory stick or micro sd card. The only slot on the phone is for the sim card.

What is a Memory Stick Duo Adapter for?

The adapter is so that you can use the smaller MSD card in a device that fits the normal larger Memory Stick. You insert the MSD card into the adapter until it clicks, then plug the adapter into the reader or device that uses a Memory Stick. The card manufacturers don't sell/make the original Memory stick, so they provide for the people who still use such devices in this manner.

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