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No. The iPhone uses its internal memory.

And a SIM card.

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2015-01-27 23:07:31
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Q: Does a iPhone use a memory card?
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What's the biggest memory card you can put in an Iphone?

You cannot put a memory card in an Iphone,they use there internal memory for storage.

Does the iPhone have a memory card slot?

The iPhone is the only phone as of now that can not have the memory increased with the use of a memory stick or micro sd card. The only slot on the phone is for the sim card.

Can you upgrade the iPhone memory?

You'd have to get an memory card with an adapter in order for it to work. A Iphone memory card adapter.

What type of memory card is used in an Iphone?

Iphones are not compatible with memory cards,they use there internal memeory.

Can you put your memory card from your ipod in to a iphone?


Does an iphone 4 take a memory card?


What type of memory card does an IPhone use?

The I-phone does not take a memory card instead it is stored on the internal flashdrive. So far they have a version that takes 32GB which is a whole lot of internal memory.

Can you put pictures that were on your iPhone on to a SD memory card?


How to insert memory card in iPhone 5?

You can't....

IPhone shows no memory card installed?

Try inserting a different memory card (that you know is working. If you still get the same message - the Iphone is faulty. If, however the new card works, then the original card is faulty.

If you buy a different type of memory card will it void your IPhone's warranty?

There are no memory cards available for the Iphone so you will not void the warranty.

Can you use your SIM card in an iPhone?

You need an AT&T sim card to use your iPhone or if you're unlocked you can use an TMobile iPhone.

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