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swimming pool

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Q: Do you prefer to swim in the sea or in a swimming pool?
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Is it safer to swim in a sea or a swimming pool?

It's safer to swim in a pool because in the sea there are sharks and dangerous animals also the waves and rapids can drown you or push you to the middle of the sea.

Where is a designated beach for swimming in Scarborough and how to get there from central coach rail station?

In a swimming pool, or you can swim in the sea of course

What is a place where you swim?

A swimming pool, the sea, rivers, lakes and other places with water.

Why is it easier to swim in the sea than in a fresh water swimming pool?

because of the lack of salt in a standard swimming pool and that the salt makes you float

What is sea swimming?

It's when you swim in the sea

What do you think the disadvantages of going to the sea or to a swimming pool?

The pool doesn't have salt so you won't float as easy and then it will b harder to swim, but it gives you more experience out in the sea/ocean.

If you can't swim what should you do?

If you can't swim then join swimming lessons at a local pool or get your mum or dad to teach you in a pool. Swimming is easy to learn when you join. If you are in the pool or sea and you get cramp ect ect do sculling or put your hand up and shout "CRAMP!" im sure someone will help asap.

How long is a 250 meter swim?

10 laps in a 25m pool 5 laps in a 50m pool

Can a shark survive in a pool?

No, it can't survive in a pool, it needs room to swim. If a shark stops swimming it dies. But, it can survive in a big aquarium like in sea world.

Can you swim in the sea with a new ear piercing?

you can swim at the pool

Why it is so easy swim in sea water than swimming pool?

this is because the sea is full of salt (as most people figure out after swallowing most of it) which acts as a buoyant that's why in the dead sea you float a lot easier as it is full of salt. in the swimming pool it doesn't contain as much salt. hope this helps :)

Why is swimming a really good skill for life?

because if you were in a pool or the sea you could swim and not drown. but also you could save another person from drowning.

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Is it safer to swim in a sea or a swimming pool?

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