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No, you do not need the internet to charge an iPod Touch. You need a computer with a USB 2.0 port or a wall adapter.

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Q: Do you have to have internet to charge an iPod touch?
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Must you pay a charge for internet on an ipod touch?

No Internet on the iPod Touch is free! But, you must have a wireless router (Wi-Fi) for the iPod to connect to the Internet through your router's Internet.

Can you over charge an iPod Touch?

No you can not over charge an Ipod Touch. sorry

Does a nano iPod have internet?

No. The only ipod that has internet is ipod touch.

Is wifi and Internet on the iPod touch free?

Yes, if you already have a wireless router (wi-fi) and the pay the monthly service, then yes it is free. There is no additional charge for using the internet on ipod touch.

How do you get onto facebook on an iPod touch?

You touch "Safari" on the ipod touch. That will get you to the internet.

Do iPod Touch have internet?

Yes, any Ipod Touch can have internet if you have a wi-fi connection.

Is the internet free on iPod touch?

Yes! the internet on the iPod touch is free no matter what generation :)

Do you have to have internet for an ipod touch?

no you dont need internet for your ipod is an option you just have to get it on the network

Does the iPod touch 4g have 3G Internet?

No, you can only use wifi for internet on ipod touch.

What do you need to charge a iPod touch?

you need a ipod touch, and the ipod touch chharger then you have to plug it into the computer

Can iPod touch access to the Internet?

Yes, the iPod touch can only access to the Internet with safari. Note: iPod touch needs wi-fi in order to access to the Internet.

How do you get the internet onto your ipod touch from itunes?

You dont. the internet doesnt cost. You have to have wifi in order to be on the internet on your ipod touch

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