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Yes, they do. In my school, many white girls are going out with black boys.

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2012-05-20 12:54:08
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Q: Do the girls like black boys?
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What color do boys like on girls?

we like grey and black

Do boys love girls with black hair?

not really i have black hair and boys just like me

Is it wrong for black girls to like white boys?


Why do white girls like black guys?

Everyone has their own preference too what they find sexy. Not all white girls like black men just like not all black men like white girls.

Do girls like black or white boys more?

It has been surveyed that a great ratio of Girls want to date with Black Boys. Because they are cool and sexy.................

What kind of girls like black boys?

All kinds of girls like black boys! What one girl finds attractive is going to be different depending on the girl. Some girls like black boys, some girls like blond boys, some girls prefer boys who wear glasses, etc. It's just a personal preference and is different for everyone. If there is a girl you like, go for it! Talk to her or ask her out if you are old enough to date. The worse that can happen is that she will say no, but you will never know if you don't try!

Do jordanian girls like black boys?

well it depends on the girl some girls are different... but i bet some girls might.... I know i like black guys alot!!

What is the name of the song with lyrics that say Boys who like girls who like girls who like boys?

Boys and girls, from Blur.

Why hispanic boys like hispanic girls?

because they are hot, they dont like black girls they like white girlds but not pale white

When was Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys created?

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys was created on 2010-12-07.

Why do girls like to get boys in trouble?

why do girls like to get boys in trouble

Do a lot of white boys like black girls only?

no ,white boys can like whoever they chose to like.sometimes they like black girls because of a sterotype of what they think they do and in other cases they are just into that particular one. In my city there are a lot of white guys dating black girls and alot of white girls dating black guys. There is nothing wrong with it. It's not about stereotyping. If you like black i say go for it. Forget about what other people think.

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