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It depends on the individual guy, But in general yes the guys like it and generally want to join it.

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2009-06-12 06:19:33
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Q: Do guys like it when girls finger themselves?
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Do guys like to finger girls?


What do girls think about guys who aren't afraid to be themselves?

Girls like guys who are self-confident and who aren't afraid to be themselves.

Do teenage girls finger themselves?

yes girls do finger. i do, and i really like it and i am sure alot of teenage girls do aswell. but it does depend on what you like

What do you guys like most?

Guys like girls who are themselves, some might like girls wth big boobs etc. but their tools!

Do guys finger girls on there period?

You could if you wanted to. It's not like she will get pregnant.

Will guys make themselves available for girls they like?


Do guys like girls who act like a guy?

Every guy is different. But most guys i know don't like girls who act like guys. Only some people do: but they usually like girls who act like themselves.

What should girls do to get boys to like them?

Nothing special. Be themselves. Plenty of guys will like them for who they are.

Why do men like to finger girls?

Men like to finger their woman because they know how much it'll please her. And they also like to hear how their girl enjoys being fingered. Some guys even like to finger girls because they like to taste the juices

Do guys like it when girls flip or wave their hair?

we like it when girls aren't dramatic and are themselves, down to earth and nice.

Do guys like it more when a girl asks them out or they ask the girl out?

girls love to be asked out if they like you backwhat about guys? Do they want girls to ask them out or do they want to do it themselves?some guys like a girl that will take charge of things

Do boys like it when girls finger themselfs?

Some do but some don't. For the guys that do it makes them horny as hell.

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