Do girls like fat guys

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most girls dont like really fat guys like beer belly or anything like that but if a guy is kind of chubby but is not lazy then that can be really sexy but then again some girls like really muscuar guys (but not like body builder muscular) but if you are short and fat then not many girls are gonna like you girls like really tall guys

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Q: Do girls like fat guys
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Do guys like girls who dress weird?

noo but they do like fat girls

Do guys like skinny girls or fat girls?

The majority of guys in the world prefer skinny girls, and that's a fact.

How do you get guys who hate fat girls to like a fat girl?

Show him who you really are and he'll like you for you.

Do Italian guys like fat girls?

Yes... Yes we do...

What type of girls to fat guys like?

Dumb ones

Does Kesha like fat guys?

no she dose notshe likes girls

How come guys do not like over weighted girls?

guys are stupid. some guys dont like fat girls bcuz they dont think they r as pretty. THEY ARE RONG

Who is more attractive curvy girls or skinny girls?

Some guys like skinny girls other guys like fat girls if your gonna say curvy then u have to change the word skinny to thin because curvy girls are fat and thin girls are skinny

Do gangsta's like fat girls?

for your information every guy likes fat girls at some point looks dont matter , and for your awnser alot of gangsta's love fat girls no but you like fat guys you like the ones that have folds in their belly

Fat girls like which guys?

Two types: Some fat girls lie the video game addicts guys and stuff. Other fat girls, who are so stupid and call guys fat when they need to look in the mirror, like the popular and good looking guys. :) Most guys are mean and usually they try to make themselves happy by making others mad and sad so probably the shy ones

Do girls like fat guy?

Yes! Chunky guys are awesome <3

Do skinny guys find fat girls attractive?

The answer to your question solely depends on the interests of that person. I'm sure there are skinny guys that like fat girls and I'm sure there are fat guys who like skinny girls. There is no way of telling what someone's true interests are unless you ask them. You can't be too quick to judge.

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