Do girls like being called princess?

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Like most other nicknames some people will like it and some won't. I think that girls will generally like being called princess.

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Q: Do girls like being called princess?
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I do, but not all girls like being called babe, it varies between girls.

What is it called when you see girls act like different animals?

it's called being an animal

Do all girls like to dress up as a princess?

Not if you're a tomboy Well not all girls but most because a princess are cute and when they are little they are as cute as a button, and some older girls love to dress up as a princess.

Can a girl like other girls?

Yes. Its called being homosexual or lesbian

Why is someone calling me Patty?

It means princess. If you're a boy then it's like being called a nancy.

Do girls like being called a lot?

As long as they don't find it excessive, or disruptive to their life, yea, they do like being call.

Do girls like being called raisin?

No! They dont like being called raisin! I think you should never call a girl raisin unless you want to have no girlfriend for your whole entire life.

Is there DS games like princess debut?

yes, there is a game called princess debut.

What is it called if your a guy and you like girls that like girls?

Perfectly normal

Will Kate Middleton like being a princess?

bethany worley

Is your little girls favorite costume a princess like mine?

While everyone is different, little girls grow up watching princess movies/shows and they see how much of a happy story it is. Girls tend to like pink/purple, feathers, glitter, and other pretty things.

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no, its actually very annoying cause we know when boys are just being boys :|

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