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Yeah. I am one of those black girls that really love white guys and I have lots of friends that like white guys. Im actually worried that white guys dont like black girls.

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Q: Do dark skinned girls like white guys?
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Do white guys like dark skinned Spanish girls Please don't answer if you are a female or a non cocas ion male?

I hate to say it but... no sorry Here is the answer......maybe. Depends on the guy or I guess white guy in this case. Me personally I'm white and I love morenas. You could say some white guys like their women like there coffee, dark and sweet ;).

Do girls like fair skinned guys brown or dark?

brown guys! Actually thats really stupid. I dont really care if the person is darkk or light and you shouldnt really. That like saying that someone doesnt like you cause you white, black, light skinn, dark skinn, por mixed skinned. Plus thats your opion not all girls like the same type of guys. I like everyone has long has they have a good attitude.

Why do black guys not like dark skinned girls?

because society does not put darker skined women out there to be beautiful. Therefore its not just limited to black or even guys period.

Are white guys unnattracted to when girls get too dark from tanning?

most of the time yes

How gets married more white girls black guys black girls white guys?

White girls

Do Albanian girls like black guys?

no they usually don't like Spanish and dark skinned girls unless you're very very pretty but they usually go for Russian ....or Albanian girls

Do white girls only like white guys?


Why do Asian guys seem like they don't like white girls?

Asian Guys most definitely like White Girls.

Why white guys call black girls ugly?

This is a bit of a loaded question. Not all white guys think black girls are ugly. There are probably some white guys that do not find black girls attractive, just like there are some that do not find red heads attractive, or girls that are tall, or girls that are short. Different people are attracted to different things. There are plenty of interracial relationships throughout the world. There are white guys that are only attracted to white girls. There are white guys that have no racial preference, and just go for the girls they happen to like. There are also white guys that are only attracted to black girls. To say that all white guys think all black girls are ugly is just false. It is an over generalization.

How many black guys date white girls?

80 % of the black guys have dated white girls publicly or secretly.

Who do white girls see in black guys?

Depends on which white girl.

Why do white girls go with black guys?

Because Black guys are attractive.