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Cigarettes are made of tobacco. What did you think they were made of?

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2011-02-07 20:34:21
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Q: Do cigarettes or tobacco have more nicotine?
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What exactly are in cigarettes?

The ingredients in cigarettes are: tobacco, nicotine, and tar.

Are cigarettes drugs?

The tobacco in cigarettes contains the addicitive drug Nicotine.

Where is nicotine found?

Nicotine is found in tobacco and cigarettes. It is highly addictive. Some argue that it is more so than heroin.

What the addictive chemical in smokeless tobacco and cigarettes?


The tobacco product that has more nicotine per dose and stays in the bloodstream longer then cigarettes?

This sounds like tobacco on its own. Chewing tobacco provides the body with a much higher nicotine dose than cigarettes, due to it being in it's pure form.

Do the e-cigarettes have tobacco juice in them?

No. They contain pure nicotine.

Are there nicotine free cigarettes?

All tobacco products have nicotine because it it is nattually produced by tobacco plants to keep insects from eating

Does chewing tobacco give you a buzz?

Chewing tobacco contains nicotine, a stimulating ingredient that causes the brain to release high levels of dopamine. Still, cigarettes and "dip" tobacco contain more nicotine than traditional chewing tobacco.

What is nicotine used for in a cigarettes?

Nicotine is used as a stimulant and a substance to ensure that the smokers become addicted to the tobacco.

Why is smokeless tobacco considered a dangerous alternative to cigarettes?

It contains more than twice the nicotine of one cigarette

How much nicotine is contained in pipe tobacco?

Pipe tobacco contains varying amounts of nicotine. As such, it's impossible to give you anything concrete, but generally speaking, pipe tobacco does not contain as much nicotine as the tobacco used in cigarettes.

Is tobacco bad or are cigarettes bad?

The burning of the cigarette is bad. It releases tar into the lungs which will give you an increased chance of getting lung cancer. Tobacco is inside cigarettes, nicotine is an addictive drug found in tobacco. You can overdose on nicotine, but there aren't enough supporting studies to show that nicotine from the tobacco is exactly harmful. Nicotine is not a carcinogen and therefore does not cause cancer.

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