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No, unfortunately you can use a T-Mobile phone on Sprint. Sprint's phones run on a CDMA network whereas T-Mobile uses GSM. The difference in networks makes them incompatible.

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2014-06-18 20:12:20
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Q: Can you switch tmobile phone to sprint services?
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Can you flash a sprint phone to tmobile?

No. Because Sprint is CDMA and T-Mobile is GSM. Sprint = No SIM. T-Mobile = SIM.

Are the lg rumor touch the same from virgin mobile and sprint?

if the tmobile phone uses a sim card then no, if it doesnt then probably. if the phone is locked you will have to call tmobile or lg for the unock codes

Can you switch your service from tmobile to Verizon while still keeping your tmobile phone?

You mean you want to use your tmobile phone on Verizon network? No you can't. Verizon is CDMA and tmobile is GSM network, so your phone won't work on Verizon netwok

How would one find tmobile services in the uk?

To find tmobile services in the UK, look for more information online. Tmobile offers a wide variety of phone plans as well as offering several cell phone models to customers.

How do you hook up an ATT phone at sprint?

Can't. AT&T is gsm sprint is CDMA. AT&T and tmobile phones can be used on each other networks if Unlocked. And Verizon and sprint if flashed.

How much does it cost to switch your phone service from sprint to metro pcs?

how much does it cost to switch your phone service from sprint to metro pcs

Can you switch your sprint phone to virgin?

I think u can

How can you use a tmobile sim card in a Verizon htc phone?

TMobile and Verizon are incompatible. As are every other two separate phone services. The only way to use a TMobile sim card in a Verizon phone, is to get the Verizon "unlocked". You can do this at most mobile phone shops, but not all of them and most likely not an official Verizon or TMobile shop. This will cost you.

What time do mobile phone unlimited night begin?

um in some sertain carriers like tmobile and i think att its at 9pm and other like Verizon and sprint its 7 im not 100% sure but i know its 7pm for alltel and sprint and 9pm for tmobile

Which cell phone companies offer 3g networks in Madison, Wisconsin?

All major phone companies such as Sprint, ATandT, and Tmobile cover Madison, Wisconsin.

Where can I find what cell services offer the Android phone at the best price?

You need to contact verizon, att, sprint, and tmobile to see which one offers the best service in your area first. Then you can compare their plans and which one is cheaper.

Can you talk to people on other phone services if you have sprint?

Yes, you can talk to people with other phone services if you have Sprint. However, talking to people that don't have Sprint will use up your minutes. If you talk to people that have Sprint, it won't use up any of your minutes.

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