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I think it is not advisable to leave the swimming pool empty during winter times. Snows and falling branches of trees and leaves can harm your swimming pool. There are some pool covers that you can use and designed for winters like Pool Leaf Covers and Winter Covers.

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2013-06-14 07:54:10
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Q: Can you leave an inground pool empty for the winter?
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Should you leave your inground pool empty for winter?

No. You just drain out enough water to close up the skimmers/plumbing, but the pool remains mostly full.

Can you leave an inground pool swimming with concrete bottom and stainless steel sides with a hydrostatic valve empty over the winter?

Theoreticaly Yes

Do you need to fill your pool for the winter?

If it's already full, leave it full and put on a winter cover. If it's empty, leave it empty until next spring/summer.

Can a deck be installed over an empty inground pool in southern California?


How do you close an inground pool for the winter?

yes you do close the pool actually you call the buliders of the pool and ask them when it is time to winterize it.

What if your inground pool is empty and you have 3 feet of water and mud in the deep end of the pool. How do i clean it out frustrated.?

Usa a shop vac.

How do you close an inground swimming pool for the winter?

The following web address will give you a good guide for winter closing the pool

Does Justin Bieber have a inground pool or a above ground pool?

Justin Bieber has a inground pool

Can you clean pool after winter without emptying water?

no, the pool must be empty

Can a recently retiled pool be left empty during the winter and full in the summer or will it damage materials?

No. Do not leave you pool empty during the winter. Numerous problems are caued by draining the pool and leaving it empty. The best way I can think of to answer your question is with this "Disclaimer" we have to use. DRAIN AND ACID WASH DISCLOSURE STATEMENT AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT (Rev. 11/04) DRAINING AND/OR ACID WASH TREATMENT OF A SWIMMING POOL

Will a pool crack during the winter if left empty?

It is possible.

When shocking an in-ground swimming pool is it best to leave the pump on or off?

It does not matter if it is above or inground pool leave the pump on, the more the filter runs the fewer the problems you will have that goes for shocking the pool as well.

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