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No you can't. You have to wear a tampon or not go swimming at all.

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2009-07-13 22:11:19
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Q: Can you go in the pool with a pad during your period?
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Can you control your period with a maxi pad while swimming?

you cant swim with pads its gross and blood would go all over the pool and it would look horrible and be very messy. you can use tampons though and no blood would go into the pool

Why do you only have your period during the day?

You don't have you'r period during the day, because thing about it, when you go to bed you have put put a pad in as well, and I think that periods usually start at night

What happens if you go in the pool with your period?

Just where a tampon trust me I had an insident once where I weared a pad and next thing you know it was floating out in the view that was so so embarrasing

If you're in a swimming pool will your period stop?

Unfortunately, when you go swimming, your period will not stop. It continues and if you are not using a tampon, you will notice blood flowing when you leave the pool. In the past, many women avoided the pool during their periods for this reason.

If your on your period can you swim in the pool without a tampon but with a pad?

No, you can't swim in the pool during menstruation using a pad.In the water the blood will not flow down onto the pad but instead will disperse in the water, even if the blood did get on the pad as the pad would be saturated in water it'd not be able to absorb the water. Pads would look bulky under your swimsuit when full of water, and if you use disposable pads they will come unstuck and potentially fall apart in the water while swimming.You need to use internal menstrual products to swim during your period, this can be tampons but you can also use menstrual sponges, menstrual cups, or softcups to swim during your period.

How come you cant go in the pool when your on your period?

You will dirty the pool and all will know.

Does period blood go rust coloured when it dries on a pad?


Should you go in the pool if you are on your period?

why not any time.

Can you go in the pool of water if you are on your period?

Only of it light

Can you go in the swimming pool if your on your period?

Yeah but you should wear a tampon

Can you go swimming during your period?

ya it is perfectly fine to go swimming during your period. i do it all the time when i have my period if it is nice out

Can you go to the bathroom during a period?

Yes, you can go to the bathroom during a period. You can not go a month without going to the bathroom.

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