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In The Sims 3 you can get a divorce.

I don't remember anything about the Sims 2 when it comes to that kind of stuff though. I would think yes, you can.

And then the first Sims it completely goes over my head. I just don't remember the first Sims too well at all.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-29 22:44:30
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Q: Can you get a divorce in sims?
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How do you divorce your sims in sims 2 pets?

You cant divorce you 'Break up' But your sims have to be in a very bad relationship

Can you get a divorce on sims 2?


How do you get a divorce in Sims Seasons?

by cheating on them and let them see it

How do sims on sims 2 get devorced?

Have one sim cheat while the other sim is watching and they will "divorce"

Can you divorce two Sims in The Sims 3?

yeah, when you talk to the sim pick mean..."break up"

In sims 2 can you get divoriced?

Yes, but its not called a divorce it just says "break up" whether your Sims are married or not.

On sims 2 if a sim is married can they get a divorce?

Yes, A Married Sim Can Divorce Their Spouse.Check Out The Link Below For More Information.

Do you have to get remarried on Sims 3 ambitions if you already have gotten married on Sims 3?

No, in order to get married again you would have to divorce.

How do you make sims divorce?

click on the sim you wish to divorce and go to "irritate" and then "annoy" keep doing that for what seems like forever until you click on irritate and it says "breakup" choose breakup and your sims are divorced!

Can sims in sim pets 2 get a divorce?

Yes, your sims can get a divorce in both Sims 2 games. To do that, you have to make the Sims' relationship go down, then click on the 'break up' icon. Notice: the sim that does the breaking up will stay in the house, the one that gets broken up with will leave, and kick your garbage can over all the time.

If you divorce in the sims 3 what happens to the kids?

You keep the kids. They stay with you and will always be your son/daughter

Can you have a divorce in the sims 2?

AnswerYes. A Divorce Between Sims Is Possible.Bring Both Married Sims Relationship Down To Best Friends Or Friends Status Through Negative Social Interactions. For Example: Insult. Then Have One Of Them Attempt To "Kick Out" The Other Sim. That Other Sim Will State: "Fine, We Are Not Married Anymore. But I Still Live Here." Both Your Sims Will Be Officially Divorced & Free To Marry Another Sim.

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