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Yes you can get THC in your system by being in the same room where its being smoked its called passive smoking

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:10:54
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Q: Can you get THC in your system from being in a confined space with it without actually smoking it?
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Why does smoking destroy the respiratory system?

smoking affects your lung and without your lungs no life;)

What is the difference between an Open vs. a Closed System in a chemical reaction?

A closed system is confined. without external transfers. The open system is inversely.

How can cocaine get in your system without directly taking it or smoking it?

If you accidentally get some on you, it will, to a small extent, pass directly through your skin and into your system, particularly if you are sweating so that it becomes damp. It will pass more rapidly through mucous membranes, which is why it is often snorted, and why it was originally chewed (as coca leaves). If you are in a confined space where someone else is smoking it, you will get some cocaine from the "sidestream smoke" that they exhale.

Why is smoking bad for circulatory system?

smoking actually weakens the nerves in the lungs and it deposits a huge amount of wastes in the lungs which causes cancer

What is one body system that is confined entirely within the body with no outside connections?

The cardiovascular system is entirely confined to body. It has no outside connections. It is the closed system.

Can crack get in your system if you are beside somebody smoking it?

well yes and no. yes because its like second hand smoke and no it will not affect you like it would if you were actually smoking it

If you were around people while they were smoking marijuana for the past few days would it show up on a drug test?

Depends on if you where hot boxing(Smoking in a confined place) or not. most likely no it can be out of your system even will inhaleing in under 4 days if you dont smoke often

What system is damage most when smoking tobacco?

the system that is damage most when smoking tobacco is the respiratory system

What system can smoking cause drastic changes?

The system that smoking causes drastic changes to is the digestive system.

What type of circulatory system has blood that is confined into vessels?

Closed Circulatory System

Which is not an effect of smoking on the on the cardiovascular system?

There are many effects of smoking on your cardiovascular system. One thing that does not happen from smoking is increased cholesterol.

How do you clean your system from weed without a detox?

Abstain from smoking it or using it in any way and drinking plenty of water.

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