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No. Legally you have to be past 8th grade and have parent consent.

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Q: Can you drop out of school in the 8th grade?
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What Grade did Hitler Drop Out of School?

8th grade

What grade did Wilson Rawls drop out of school?

Wilson Rawls dropped out of school at about age 15 so about 8th grade/ middle school is the grade that he dropped out.

What is the legal age to drop out of school with parental approval?

8th grade in Ohio.

Can a fifteen year old drop out of high school if they are employed?

Yes. You can drop out of school after 8th grade. Please do not though, you will ruin your life.

Can you drop out of school in Wyoming when your 15?

The actual thing that you have to do is PASS all the way through 8th grade... then you may drop out.

Is a drop 9.5 allowed in middle school?

Yes most likely. I use a drop 8 and im in 8th grade.

What grade did Hitler drop out?

Hitler droped out of 8th grade

What grade did Adolf Hitler drop out in?

hitler dropped out in 8th grade

Can a 14-year-old drop out of school in California?

It really depends on your grade level if your in the 8th grade and up you can drop out but its really not a good idea to drop out im 14 and i don't think that's a good idea at all

What grades in middle school?

In my school it is 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade

Can you be in 8th grade and drop out of school if your 16?

It will depend on the state's laws. The lowest age that ends of mandatory education ages is 16. Which means you must be at least 16 to drop out of school, but it could be 17 or 18. Some states have a grade level set, requiring to have completed at least 10th or 11th grade to drop out.

If i was failing the 8th grade would they mention summer school for me?

If you are failing the 8th grade, you would either be required to attend summer school or repeat the 8th grade.

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