Can you charge a laptop through a USB cord?

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2010-06-21 15:08:30

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unfortunatly no, ive tryed and its because the usb plug does not take in power, so basically its only used to connect two devices, not flow power between them.

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2010-06-21 15:08:30
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Q: Can you charge a laptop through a USB cord?
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If I plug my PSP into a charger and a USB cord to my laptop will it charge faster?

It did For me

Can you charge your laptop with your computer?

As long as your laptop power cord has a USB adapter or attachment on the end, yes.

Can you charge a bluetooth through a LapTop computer?

If your Bluetooth has a USB charger then it can be charged through a laptop computer.

How do you connect a camcorder to a laptop?

You see if you have a USB cord or a kind of cord.

Can you charge your vivitar f340 on your laptop?

yes through the usb lead supplied with camera or any usb to mini usb lead

How do you export iphone pictures to laptop?

Plug the usb cord into laptop, get iphoto.

Does the USB cord charge a phone?


Can you charge your tablet with a USB cord?

Please use USB charger

How do you transfer your pics from old samsung phone to laptop?

if you have the phone's cord or charger cord that connects to ur laptop as a usb then you can transfer your pictures to your laptop.

How can you charge the battery on your ipod?

The cord that plugs into your Ipod and your Computer is the charger :) Hope this answered your question. Just plug it into a usb port on any computer/ laptop and it will begin to charge.

How do you install laptop speakers?

If you have purchased a set of speakers to replace the poor ones your laptop originally came with, installation is simple. Most of them are USB speakers, so all you have to do is plug the cord into the USB port on your laptop and your sound will play through them.

How do you hook up a playstation 2 to an Acer laptop?

usb cord

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