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use the blood from someone who is not smoking or don't smoke for a year, then get the blood test

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Q: Can you beat a blood test for smoking cigarettes?
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Does smoking cigarettes before blood test?

They do not test for NICOTINE. LOL

How long to get toxins from cigarettes out of your system?

100 yearsHow long do you have to stop smoking before a drug, blood, or urine test cannot detect any compound except nicotine? Can a blood or urine test tell the difference between chewing the gum and smoking a cigarette (i.e. the other chemicals in cigarettes"?

Can smoking cigarettes give a positive read in a marijuana drug test?


What is tested in a urine test for cigarettes?

The main thing to test for in urine tests to determine smoking is nicotine.

How long do you have to stop smoking cigarettes to pass a smoking test?

theres no way to test for cigarettes just make sure you don't smell at the time of the "test"... you have to stop smoking weed for at least 2 weeks before the test otherwise that will show up. Marijuana can take in upwards of 30-90 days to get out of your body. But as far as cigarettes go, I believe that the only test for that is in a juvinile detention area where they would test for nicotine in your system, because most people in juvy are under 18. Besides that, there isn't any test for cigarettes.

Does it show smoking cigarettes on a drug test if so how far back?

Yes, cigarettes can show in a blood test, and it is commonly tested for in order to receive health insurance discounts. Tests for other substances, such as smoking marijuana, are able to show some of the toxins found in tobacco and will indicate tobacco use. Depending on the type of test the results can go back many months.

Does smoking cigarettes help pass a saliva drug test?

i wouldn't think so.

Does blood test count as if you smoke weed?

No a blood test does not count towards smoking of any kind

If you smoke 2 cigarettes per day can you pass a nicotine urine test?

No. I would just stop smoking.

How many day's would a person have to quit smoking before they can take a urine test or blood test so it does not show?

I don't think smoking shows in urine or blood testing.

Will cigarette smoking show up on a blood test?

- Yes because smoking also shows in your bladder..

Is it hard to get a positive pregnancy test with a guy sperm if he smoke a lot?

What is he smoking? If they are cigarettes then no. I have had 4 boys all healthy and my husband smokes so no, cigarettes have no effect to my knowledge