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No. Absolutely not.

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Q: Can smoking cigarette prevent you from getting pregnant?
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Does the male smoking cigarettes prevent pregnancy?

No. Neither men nor women smoking a cigarette, (made from tobacco marijuana, or some other substance), will prevent a woman from getting pregnant from sexual intercourse.

What are the carcinogenic properties of cigarette smoking?

Getting cancer

How do you prevent smoking cigarette?

Don't buy any cigarettes and don't ask anyone for a cigarette. If you are offered one deny, deny, deny!

What is a lucky cigarette?

It's when a person flips one cigarette in a pack right after they open it. This is to prevent other's from smoking your last cigarette, so you can say "You can't have this one, it's lucky!"

Does smoking a cigarette release nicotine into the bloodstream to a baby while pregnant?

Yes smoking durimg pregnancy can have many effects on the baby, such as a low birth weight

Can smoking menthol cigarettes reduce the change of getting pregnant?


Is smoking a cigarette a physical or chemical change?

Smoking cigarette is a chemical process.

How can you prevent the diseases caused by cigarette smoking?

Don't smoke cigarettes, and if possible avoid spending a lot of time with those who do.

Does Cigarette smoking affect cholesterol?

Cigarette smoking lowers HDL cholesterol, as does malnutrition and obesity

Is smoking a cigarette while broken ribs bad?

smoking a cigarette is always bad it can give you cancer

Shouldn't cigarette smoking be banned?

YES there are children, pregnant mothers, and people with severe allergies who suffer from this poor lifestyle choice.

When is it safe to smoke a cigarette ofter getting the 2 top wisdom teeth removed?