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Six graders are capable of conceiving a child. Just because you are able to do something does not mean that you should.

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2015-05-25 04:18:41
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Q: Can sixth graders make out
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How do you write sixth graders?

sixth graders

If there are 90 sixth graders and 70 percent of them are in a play how many sixth graders are in the play?

There are 63 sixth graders in the play - 90*70% = 63.

Should sixth graders kiss fourth graders?


How much should sixth graders weigh?

sixth graders should weigh 100 to 110 pounds .

How are most sixth graders?

most sixth graders are about 10 to 12 years old(including 11)

School has 15 sixth graders 12 sevenths and 13 eight graders what percentage of math club members are either sixth or seventh graders?

Assuming the math club had 15 sixth graders, 12 seventh graders, 13 eighth graders and no other members, then: There are 15 + 12 = 27 students that are sixth or seventh graders. There are 15 + 12 + 13 = 40 members. So the fraction that are sixth or seventh graders is 27/40. Using long division, 27/40 = 0.675 = 67.5% So 67.5% of the math club members are sixth or seventh graders.

Where do sixth graders belong?

In school.

What is the percentage of sixth graders wanting to play for there school?

About 3/4 of all sixth graders want to try out for sports

Should sixth graders be allowed to play school sports?

Of course!! Sixth graders are so active and filled with excitement and they should let all that energy out with playing sports and play against eighth graders, but that will make them more challenged and make them want to play and win even more than what they usually would want to win.Eighth graders already think they are better than everybody else in the school, so it would mean a lot if the sixth graders can play against them.

What are the two claims that the sixth-graders could make if they collect 50 on the third day?


Why are sixth graders so weird?


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