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Leaking Colostrum from One BreastHere are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers:
  • I'm pretty certain you are pregnant, unless it is normal for you to go that long. I'd get a test. If you are pregnant, it's OK to leak. I started leaking when I was three months along.
  • I had the same happen to me. I would take a test if I were you and just see what happens.
  • I don't know. I'm having the same thing. Let me know if you're pregnant!
  • I also have a small amount of liquid form coming from my breasts,but I'm a bit confused as I took a pregnancy test just now and it showed out to be negative, it is also very hard for me to tell whether I am pregnant or not as I have Polycystic Ovaries and do not start my periods in months. I don't know if this is the reason to why my pregnancy tests have been shown negative, I do have other symptoms, dizziness, tender and painful breasts and sickness at night, but I do not vomit. I've decided to call my local GP to ask him/her what is going on but I seemed to get an appointment for 2 weeks Tuesday. I was wondering if anyone could offer me any help and advice in the mean time. I have not any children, but did get 2 months pregnant 1 1/2 years ago, but had a miscarriage.
  • I am also going through that same thing,My lmp was July 5th and now I'm leaking a cloudy discharge from my breast also.
  • hi am kinda having the same problem... i have been having pains in my lower abdomen,sick feeling i don't vomit i just get real sick almost everytime i eat, or don't eat. and for the past 4 to 5 day my breast has been hurting really bad and i have little bumps forming around my nipples, and 2nights ago i was messing with my nipples and squeezed my left nipple and clear stuff came out, but only that one and it wasnt a lot just a little but... i did the same thing the next night and it was a smaller amout but somemore came out... what is this? what could this be? my LMP was 5/18/08 and my next is supposed to be 6/15/08 so what do you think?i am so confused

hi im Ashley im 12 i havent had my period at all in my life yet i was already supposed to have it if i squeeze my nipples colostrum comes out of the little bumps in the outter nipple i have many pregnancy quizzes but cant go to the store to buy a test cause i need to get money and i don't want my parents to find out i did a do it yourself test where you pee on your finger wait for 2 mins and see if it rolls down to your wrist if it does you are supposed to be pregnant and that was positive i took quizzes online and they were positive how do i find out if im pregnant

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Q: Can leaking colostrum from one breast be a sign of pregnancy?
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If you have stopped breast feeding for more than a year but are just recently leaking could that be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, leaking colostrum in early pregnancy has been reported.

Is colostrum a sign of pregnancy?

Colostrum is the liquid that comes in just before breast milk. Colostrum is essential to a baby's nutrition. It is not a sign of pregnancy, but rather something that the body produces once the baby has been born.

Your breasts started leaking colostrum a week ago 8 months after giving up breast feeding Could this be a sign of pregnancy or can milk just return at any time after breast feeding?

My breast leaked over a year after I had my children.My doctor said it was normal.

Is Colostrum a sign of early pregnancy?

Yes. The only reason your body is producing colostrum is because of the pregnancy hormone

Could you be pregnant if you have an iud and you have leaking breasts?

It's possible, but leaking breasts aren't the first sign of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test, and contact your health care provider for a breast exam.

If you have stopped breast feeding for more than a year but are still leaking could that be a sign of pregnancy?

If you stopped leaking and then suddenly started leaking again, that is a possible sign of pregnancy. But if you have never stopped leaking, then it's probably that you just haven't "dried up" yet. It takes some women longer than others.

Can you be pregnant if your breast is leaking and if so how far along would you be?

AnswerA leaky breast could be a sign of pregnancy, but it could also be a sign of trouble, possibly even breast cancer. A visit to the doctor would be your best bet.

Is leaking breast milk an early sign of pregnancy?

Normally leaking in the breast is not a sign of early pregnancy. Your body doesnt begin to release brest milk until after birth. But there has been rare cases when the mother begins to leak brest milk 2-3 weeks before birth. I would not take this as a sign. But it could mean that you possibly had a miscarrage.

Can you squezze breast milk if your 4 weeks pregnant?

I am 5 weeks pregnant, my first sign of my pregnancy was breast milk, not colostrum but actual white colored milk, production at about 2 weeks. So yes it is possible.

What is the earliest that breast milk will come in during pregnancy?

Actually, women don't lactate during pregnancy. That doesn't occur until after delivery, usually a few days or so. The production of colostrum -- a "premilk" -- occurs around week 20 of pregnancy and continues for a few days after delivery until real milk is produced. Wrong. Colostrum CAN be the first sign of pregnancy. ------ Though breast tenderness and swelling are usually the most obvious signs.

Is heavy breast a sign of pregnancy?


Is leaking breast a sign of breast cancer?

i don't think so but i'd ask your doctor

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