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Q: Can girls be perverts
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Why do boys look up girls' skirts?

Because they are perverts.

Are Girls Perverts?

I think they can be, but some girls say things without realizing how perverted it was, while the person they were talking too think they are a pervert when really the person that thinks they are is!!!!

Who are perverts?

Perverts are people who are always wanting to get in bed with you or make sexual innuendos all the time. Perverts can be mixed up with pedophiles. Which is kinda funny but is kinda true also. Pedophiles are people who like to have sex with children (Hue Heffner). Perverts are just bad.

What attracts a guy to a girl?

itss ovbiouslyy the personality for nice guys but shallow guys go by looks. the girl has to be pretty because boys don't just like girls with a awesome personalities because some guys are perverts or losers or they just suck the girl has to be pretty because boys don't just like girls with a awesome personalities because some guys are perverts or losers or they just suck some guys dont look at looks but some do, get to know the guy u like better to know wat can make him look up to you.

Where can you find a pervert?

ANSWER: Its easy!!! Just Go to any public place like Shopping malls,Video rental stores,parks or even a public beach and once there just look around for a few seconds and you can find atleast 20 perverts....In these areas you have to look at those sitting on the benches,perverts like to sit on those benches because it gets them level with the buttocks of those they like to watch such as young teenage girls/boys and women.The typical pervert usually wears sunglasses to avoid being noticed as much but after a while you can pick them out..Some forms of perverts only come out at night and can be found wandering your local all night wally world or other department store.they roam around for a long time with only two or three items in their cart.Other forms of nightly perverts can be found lurking around dirty bookstores,gas stations and car washes,these are the perverts with little spending money who cant afford to sit in a bar for several hours.The more common form of nightly pervert can be seen driving up and down the same stretch of road in an area known for prostitution until they find a acceptable date for the evening.The middle class nightly perverts can be found in the topless bars and the all night exotic massage parlors.The upper class nightly perverts are commonly found in the gentlemens clubs watching strippers get naked "oops" or I should say exotic dancers performing artisticly nude dance forms for the entertainment of the gentlemen..Perverts are basically found almost anywhere but it really depends on the type of pervert you are seeking.

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