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No. You can't be pushed into being gay. You are either born gay or you are not.

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Q: Can fondling by mother of 15 year old son cause him to be gay?
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You'll have to decide that for yourself. It actually means 'he who laughs.' yes he is cause he gay yes he is a gay mother f***er

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Does your mother know that your gay?

The only way a mother will know if their child is gay is if the child tell her.

Who is Marvin gay III mother?

Anna Gordy Gay is Marvin III's adopted mother.

If your mother is gay will you be gay?

No. Sexual orientation is not hereditary in that fashion.

How can being a gay cause earthquakes?

Being gay cannot cause earthquakes.

If your mother is gay does that mean you are gay?

Short answer, no. Everyone is who and what they are and that has very little affect on anyone else. However, if your mother is gay, you might be more likely to also be gay because of her influence and/or genes. However, chances are, even if your mother is lesbian or bisexual, you won't be gay.

How do gay boys make out?

Pretty much the same way heterosexual couples make out -- by kissing and fondling each other, teasing, massaging, exploring each other's bodies.

Is it gay to call your mother everytime you argue with your mother?

No. It is only gay to be sexually attracted to members of your same gender.

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Gay sexual activity does not cause hemorrhoids.

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No. No type of mother can make her son gay. Sexual orientation is not the result of experiences.

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