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yes! white boy wasted

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Q: Can drinking alcohol help detox marijuana?
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Does alcohol help get marijuana out of your system?

Drinking alcohol does not help get weed out of your system any faster than drinking water does. Just drink a bunch of water and it will get it out fast.

What is the best way to detox alcohol?

Just spend time without drinking, that's what my driving manual said. But Mythbusters tested that slaping i think the Cold water too can help detox.

Does a suana help detox you from drugs other than marijuana?

Sorry, a sauna doesn't help you detox from ANY drugs, including pot.

What is the telephone number of national's center for alcohol and drug detox?

The National Center for Alcohol and Drug Detox can be reached over the phone at (888) 24-DETOX. This company is a referral service that aims to help people with drug addictions get linked with a center that can help them.

Does drinking lime juice help get marijuana out of your system?


Help you with an essay for drinking alcohol?

essay about drink alcohol

Can taking a liver detox pill help rid your body of alcohol?


What is the purpose of alcohol detox programs?

Alcohol Detox programs are for Alcoholics. It is the abrupt end of alcohol consumption along with the substitution of cross-tolerant drugs that have similar effects to the effects of alcohol. This is the prevent Alcohol Withdrawal.

Can drinking alcohol help lose weight?


Does drinking water help your kidneys and liver after drinking alcohol?

Yes it does by:demontavious

Is there an over the counter drug to help detox from alcohol?

No. Alcohol detox can be fatal, and should be medically supervised in a clinical setting. High blood pressure and seizures are common, especially in people who have been abusing tranquilizers as well.