Bongs pipes or blunts

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Blunts for mids, bongs or pipes for the high-end stuff.

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Q: Bongs pipes or blunts
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What gets you higher blunts bongs pipes or joints?

A bong does cause your getting more smoke then all of the above... Then blunt then pipe then joint

Which do you like better bongs pipes or blunts?

I like one hitters, or like my crack aunt like to say "Straight to the head, straight shooter baby".

Do you smoke cannabis?

bongs, blunts, pipes, bubblers, joints, chillums, vaporizers, steamrollers, gravity bongs, hookah, cans, apples, bottles, papaya stems, pens, etc. be creative, but be clean.

Is marijuana smoke?

yes, through various smoking devices.. such as bongs, pipes, joints, blunts, bubblers

What is never found in the queens handbag?

Condoms, heroin needles, blunts, bongs, guns, sex toys...must I go on?

What is the best glass pipe or water bong?

Water bongs and pipes both are very popular and effective smoking accessories and have been used for ages. The answer to which one is best between these two depends on the preference of the particular smoker. If you want to smoke while on travel or anywhere outside, then caring water bongs may be hectic, and for such a situation, pipes are the best option for smoking tobacco or weed. You can easily find the pipe cleaner in the online shops for the latest smoking accessories in California.Alternatively, if you want to enjoy a peaceful smoking session with some of your close friends then water bongs are the best option to achieve that feel. As I have mentioned, you will have another level of satisfaction while smoking in bongs, unlike joints, blunts are pipes. But cleaning and maintaining glass bongs are a bit hectic and you need to clean your bongs and pipes after a smoking session. Also, you will not get the actual flavor of your favorite tobacco.So as per my opinion, the bongs and pipes should be used for different types of smoking purposes. For that reason, I have bought both from the best smoke shop in California, as they provided excellent quality with attractive design.Both bongs and pipes can be used for a longer period if you keep those clean every time after smoking. I’ve bought some proper cleaning agents for my water bongs from one reputed water pipes shop in California and have been using both my bong and pipe for more than 5 years. I usually smoke once in a day and for five years I’m enjoying the same satisfaction while smoking from my water bong. Also, I would like to mention it is always good smoking within a limit, as then only you will get the perfect high as well as get stoned.

Where was marijuana first used and seen?

the plant originates in Taiwan and there were pipes and bongs that had traces of the resin. bllloooop

What do people smoke marijuana in?

You smoke pot in a bong, pipe, joint, blunt, water bong, home made pipes and bongs, hookas.

What does a bong do compared to a pipe?

Bongs and pipes are really quite different. Not only are bongs much larger, but they are usually more enjoyable. Bongs are often filled with water, thus filtering many carcinogens out of the smoke, while cooling it at the same time. Also, bongs are quite common at parties or places with many people, because the bowl is bigger and it can go around more often before being re-packed. Pipes, on the other hand, are easily concealed, and are more common for smoking alone or in a small group. Most bongs hit "harder", mostly because when you uncover the shotgun, there is more smoke in the chamber, while the smoke coming from a pipe comes out at a more steady rate.

Are bongs illegal in the us?

No, bongs are not illegal to have or use in the United States. What makes a bong illegal is transforming it into paraphanelia. To do this, simply smoke up your bud, and you're all set. But nevertheless, this doesn't make the sale or posession of bongs, or "water pipes" illegal. Just make sure you clean up the pipe before you take it out to a public event where cops might be. Bongs can be purchased from local headshops, or thru online stores such as

What is the best way to get high on marijuana?

Bongs are the easiest to get high off of as its easier to smoke large quantities. Vaporizers have the highest percentage of THC in the vapor, best bang for your buck. Blunts give nice highs but are hard to roll. Joints are good for getting a little high and easier to smoke out of the house. In my opinion bongs are the best as they aren't as harsh of a smoke, you can taste the herb better, and I really enjoy collecting glass pipes. It depends on whether you'r talking about THC percentage inhaled or WHAT TYPE of high you want. Technically a vaporizer gets almost 90% of the THC into your system but its a funky high. In my opinion Bongs are what get me the highest at 76% THC and bigger rips and a high that makes you smile is awesome in my book.

Where can you buy a bong in coquitlam?

Pick N pay Corner store & smoke shop has big selection of bongs,hookah pipes - phone # 604-421-6419