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Some are, some aren't. For many people -- gay, straight, black, white, old, young -- skin color just isn't an issue.

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2012-08-25 02:37:10
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Q: Are white lesbians attracted to black lesbians?
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Are there more blacks lesbians than whites lesbians?

The amount of white and black lesbians are quite similar. In America there are more black lesbians however in England there are more white lesbians.

Are Caucasian lesbians attracted to black women?

Some women are, yes.

Are lesbians more attracted to straight women than other lesbians?

Actually, there's research that lesbians have a preference for other lesbians.

Why are girls attracted to dudes?

because the ones that are attracted to dudes are not lesbians.

What are lesbians like?

Lesbians are like every other girls except they are attracted to females.

Can lesbians get pregnent?

Lesbians are women who are attracted to the same sex. If they have sex with a man however, they can get pregnant.

Are straight women attracted to lesbians?

No. By definition, straight women are only attracted to men.

Are guys attracted to lesbians?

Some are and some aren't.

Why are White males unattracted to Black females?

There are white males that are attracted to black females and vis versa.

Why do lesbians not like men?

They are "lesbians" which mean they like/love girls. Lesbians often have male friends they are just not attracted to men sexually.

What kind of girl is Prince Harry attracted to?

He is attracted to white and black girls. The white girls that he dates will be reported in the media. The black girls that he dates will be hidden from the media.

What are lesbians?

Lesbians are women who are attracted emotionally and sexually to other women. and they like to makeout with other girls

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