Are some footballers gay

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Yeah,some footballers are gay

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Q: Are some footballers gay
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Which premiership footballers are gay?

ricardo vaz te

Are any premier league footballers gay?

yes ronaldo

Are footballers part of Freemasons?

Some footballers are Freemasons, and some are not.

Which premiership footballers are rumoured to be gay but haven't actually come out?

Ashley Cole is

How many athletes are gay?

not very many i would think certanley not to many footballers

Are there any gay afl footballers?

Of course there are but to name them is none of our business, its their own personal life.

Who are the gay premier league footballers?

Shaun Wright Phillips Fernando torres Emile Heskey

Are there any openly gay footballers?

The only openlg gay footballer was Justin Fashanau. Others are known to be gay but have not come out to admit it, such is the general homophobic feeling within the game.

Are there any gay premiership footballers?

Yes, lots of them are gay, but they are afraid to come out because they are afraid. Sad, but that's the way it is. There are lots of gay teenagers who would love a few role models of gay men who are proud of who and what they are.

What are some things that footballers do?

they are races and swear

Which footballers are gay?

Like all major sports most players that are gay and you can probably guess at around 10% of them, will never come out as openly gay during their playing careers for the fact they will be ostracized and their careers will be over.

Are women footballers paid the same as men footballers?

No, unfortunately the huge wages enjoyed by male footballers is no where near what female footballers are paid. Some male footballers would be on £100,000 a week, women might be getting £500 at best. It is because there is very little money in the women's game.

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