Are gay men hot

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Being hot is all about perception. Gay men are just as likely to be hot, or not, as heterosexual men.

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Q: Are gay men hot
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How many gay men are hot?

All men, gay or straight, are hot in one way or another.

Where can one meet hot gay men?

Hot gay men can meet at gay bars around the world. At such a bar, everyone, even the bartender, is gay, so there is no stigma against homosexuals. It is a great place to meet other people with the same interests.

Why are gay men so hot?

They moisturize, shave, and work out more than straight men

You are gay and you love to blow hot gay men what should you do when you get arrested for sexual abuse?

Have a blast in jail.

Why do gay men find jockstraps hot?

Presumably gay men find jockstraps attractive for the same reason straight men find thong bikinis on women hot. Both articles of clothing leave very little to the imagination.

Why when women wear leather it's hot when men do it's gay?


How come hot guys are always gay?

Not all hot guys are gay. But stereotypically, many gay men are very image conscious and spend a lot of time on their appearance, therefore they are often good looking.

How do gay men become men?

Gay men are already men. They don't become men.

Where might one go to attract intelligent and professional gay men?

Go to Trevor Project - A gay hot line for distressed teens.

Is it true most hot guys are gay?

2-6% of the population is gay. This means that there are undoubtedly more attractive straight men than gay men. This does not mean gay men can't be attractive. However just looking at the percentages there are going to always be more straight men than gay men. However, there are some statistics showing that gay men spend more time in front of the mirror preparing their face and hair in the morning. This could skew what you perceive gay men to look like as far as attraction is concerned.

Are you sure tom cruise is gay?

Yes he's gay look on youtube and you can find him in bed with men! Plus he's pretty hot so he's obviously gay!

Can gay become to men?

Gay men are already men.

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