Are MP3 players better than CD players?

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Of course MP3 players are better than CD players.

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Q: Are MP3 players better than CD players?
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Are CD players better than MP3 players or iPods?

No, not even better than both of them. MP3 players and iPods are better than CD players.

Are CD players better than MP3 players or MP3 players better than CD players?

In terms of audio quality, CD carries better quality than MP3 as it does not compress the audio data. MP3 files use compression techniques to reduce the file size by 50% up to 95% or even more. MP3 compression normally does a good job at compressing the files but the compression will always lose quality. Sometimes, the loss of quality is not noticed but as the amount of compression increases, so the more obvious the losses become. MP3 files take up far less space with a typical song size of 4MB compared to a CD format song taking around 40MB

Are there any Car CD/MP3 players which I can connect more than one device to?

They would have to have multiple outputs available on the CD/MP3 player that you have.

What kind of MP3 hardware is available?

The MP3 players that are available are:Portable MP3 PlayersPortable MP3/CD PlayersConsumer MP3 PlayersCar MP3 Players

Are there any car cd/mp3 players that I could buy for under $100?

Yes, there are car CD/MP3 players available for under $100. Some of the highest rated models for in dash CD/MP3 players at this price are the Pioneer DEH-1100MP CD/MP3 Player, Clarion CZ109 CD/MP3/WMA Receiver, Kenwood KDC-MP142 CD/MP3 Player, JVC KD-R200 In-Dash CD/MP3 Player, and the Sony CDX-GT330 CD/MP3 Player.

Can all CD players play mp3 cds?

No, only CD players which are specifically designed with mp3 in mind can play mp3 disks. There will usually be an mp3 logo on the front of the player to signify this.

Are iPods better than CD players?

Yes. Of course iPods are better than CD players because iPods has lots of features.

What is the best portable CD player to use to connect to an MP3 player?

You cannot connect portable cd players to mp3 players and given the capacity to hold songs on mp3 players their should be no reason to do so.

Do they make portable CD players that switch dicks?

I don't think any CD players play dicks. If you are talking disc, no they do not. You'd be better off with an MP3 player.

How did you listen to music before mp3 players?

CD players .. radios .. tv .. cd's .. tapes ... ect

Do any Car CD/MP3 players come with satellite radio?

Most new CD/MP3 players have options to have satellite radio available through them.

Are portable CD players as reliable as mp3 players?

A portable CD player would be as reliable as a MP3 player but it is harder to carry around because you have to carry the CD's too. A MP3 player would be much more convienent.

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