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Early Childhood to 13 or 14

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โˆ™ 2008-08-23 20:04:48
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Q: What is the age range is of people who watch Nickelodeon channel?
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How old can you watch nickelodeon?

well if you have shaw it should be on channel 135

Where to watch SpongeBob SquarePants?

On Nickelodeon, channel 76 Direct TV has it on channel 299 poor boys cable on channel 55

Where can you watch the teen choice awards 2009?

a channel called Nickelodeon nick for short

Where can you watch house of Anubis season 2?

On nickelodeon channel 33 if you have optimum like me

What ages is the Nickelodeon channel aimed at?

Any person young or old can watch shows on Nickelodeon. The shows are usually targeted to pre teens and young teens. Nickelodeon has another cable channel called TeeNick for an older teen audience.

What channel is your favorite channel Why?

Nickelodeon because of spongebob i love Sab channel because it has comedy serials. Netflix because i can watch almost anything

How many people watch nickelodeon a day?

About 600,000

Where can you watch Nickelodeon live in the US?

Check your local listings. Every area had different channel lineups.

What is a pair pod?

IDK. But I think it's something from iCarly. Watch iCarly on Nickelodeon. (DirecTV) Channel 299 and 300

Are the Nickelodeon stars better than the Disney stars?

It depends on the age of the person. If you're a tween (11-12), you probably watch a LOT of Disney Channel, but if you're a kid (10+under), you probably watch more of Nickelodeon than Disney. But, if you're a little older, (13-14), you probably watch Disney Channel AND Teen Nick.

Is My Little Pony on Nickelodeon?

no my little pony is not on nickelodeon. It airs on The Hub. If you don't have that channel though, you can watch it on YouTube also.Unfortunately, My Little Pony is not on Nickelodeon. It is currently only on the Hub, a network ran by Hasbro to show case shows for their products.

Where can you watch Victorious?

You can watch Victorious on Nickelodeon.

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