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something is wired up wrong or you overloaded the amp

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Q: Why is the protection light on in my car amp?
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Car starts and amp light comes on then car dies?

Shorted voltage regulator,

Recently my amp in my car messed up it keeps going on and off when you hook it up and the protection light is on any one have any idea why it would do this?

The amp is damaged internally, the power is loose, the ground is loose, the control wire from the deck is loose.

Why does car amp go into protection?

Typically a poor ground, or some how the red wire is touching the black

What is an AMP security?

AMP stands for alarm monitoring protection.

Why does the red light come on on your car amp?

I had th same problem i had to turn my amp down i guess it was to much power out put

What does the number mean on a car fuse?

The number on a car fuse refers to the Ampage of that fuse , each electrical component on any car has its own or shared fuse with a certain Amp rating, they are normally colour coded too and are to be replaced with one of the same Amp rating for protection.

Can you plug a 15 amp device to a 10 amp outlet?

No, the circuit protection would trip. You can plug a 10 amp device into a 15 amp outlet.

What do the Fuses on a car audio amplifier mean?

They are just protection from overpowering your amp. So if your amp has 2 fuses that say '20A', it can handle essentially 40 amps. So 14.4(V) x 40(A), they allow your amp to draw 576 Watts before they blow. 14.4(V) is considering your car is running and the alternator is good and strong.

How do you convert an 8 ohm car audio amp to a 2 ohm car audio amp?

you dont

Can you use 1.5 amp with 1 amp device?

The protection a one (1) amp fuse provides to a device will not be present when a larger fuse is used.

Why is my car amp clipping?

You have the gains set too high on the amp.

Why does the amp light come on in a 1989 Lincoln Town Car and the blinkers blink faster until you brake then they return to normal and the amp light goes out?

u have an alternator problem whether the voltage regulator is gone or the diodes in alternator its self are shot

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