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becasue it is near to the sun compared to the outter planets

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Q: Why are the inner planets made of denser materials than the outer planets?
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Why are inner planets more dense and rocky then the outer planets?

The inner planet's surfaces are made up of rocky metals, metals are heavier and denser then ice, which is what the outer planets are made of, and so the inner planets are denser then the outer planets.

How do the surface materials of the inner and outer planets differ?

The inner planets' surface materials differ from the outer planets because the inner planets have rocky surfaces and the outer planets have gas surfaces.

What are 3 differences between the outer and inner planets?

The outer planets have a gas surface, the inner planets have a rocky surface. Another is that the outer planets are bigger than the inner planets. The last major difference is that the inner planets are more denser than the gas giants.

Are outer planets denser than smaller planets?

No. The outer planets are gas planets, which are much less dense than the inner terrestrial planets.

Name three ways the inner planets differ from the outer planets?

All four of the inner planets are warmer, smaller and denser than the four outer planets. The four inner planets have a clear surface, while the four outer gas planets don't have a well defined surface.

What divides planets into inner planets and outer planets?

Mostly their composition. Inner planets are made of heavy solid materials. Outer planets are made of lighter elements, primarily gases. Also, there is the Asteroid Belt, which is between the inner and outer planets.

Why are inner planets different than outer planets?

Inner planets. are inner & outer planets. are outer

Do denser planets have larger orbits in the solar system?

no, then inner solid planets are more dense than the outer gas planets

How are the inner planets and the outer planets different and alike?

the inner planets are made of rock, ice and other materials while the outer planets are made of different kinds of gases except for pluto.

Are all planets alike?

sorta there are inner and outer planets the inner planets are alike and outer planets are alike to but inner and outer planets are different.

What makes the Outer planets different than Inner?

The inner planets are made up of solid materials and the outer planets are made up of gases that in the middle of the planet they are compressed to a solid.

Inner an outer planet similarities?

The inner and outer planets are The same because The Inner planets are not made out of gas The outer planets are bigger than inners The outer planets are the coldest The Inner planets are rocky The inner planets are terrestrial The outer planets can't support life The inner planets have iron cores The outer are the furthest from the sun The outer planets haveno rocky surface

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