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It continues on at its terminal velocity forever unless it hits something.

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Q: When a rocket ship accelerating in outer space runs out of fuel it?
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When fire needs oxygen to burn then how the fire in the rocket burns in space?

There are two ways to do that: -- The fuel that the rocket burns has its own oxygen combined with the other chemicals in the fuel. -- The rocket carries oxygen in a separate tank, and mixes it with the fuel in order for the fuel to burn.

What is voyager 1 fuel?

Voyager 1 runs on a rocket fuel called hydrazine. This is for orientating the spacecraft . Propulsion is no longer required in the low gravity conditions of outer space. For the instruments on Voyager, a form of plutonium is used to produce the power.

How can a rocket burn fuel in space when there is no oxygen which is needed for burning to take space?

The rockets Have Oxygen on board and use it to burn the fuel. 'burning to take space?' But It's true.

Why will the mass of the whole space vehicle change during the first 2 minutes of the flight?

As the space vehicle lifts off, it will be burning a lot of fuel and expelling it as exhaust from the rocket motors. All that burned fuel is still around - in the form of the combustion products, but now it is out in the atmosphere, not inside the rocket motors, which count as part of the whole space vehicle.

What happens when the first stage in a multistage rocket runs out of fuel?

The multistage rockets were invented to increase the efficiency of the rocket as, rocket building is one the expensive jobs you can find. multistage rockets have different stages that each have a separate engine and its fuel. when the rocket lifts off, the first stage is ignited. when the first stage is out of fuel, that stage is detached from the rocket and falls down to the sea so that they can be used again. similarly, all stages of a multistage rocket is burned out and the payload on the top finally reaches the space.

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When a Rocket ship runs out of fuel does it continue accelerating?

assuming that it is in the vacuum of space it will not continue accelerating but it will continue at the same velocity

Do signal flare's work in outer space?

If its fuel has an oxidizer (oxygen-producing solid fuel) in it like solid rocket fuel, then yes.

How can a rocket operate in outer space?

Because the oxidant and the fuel are kept on board the ship in separate tanks.

Why does a rocket carry its own oxygen?

There is no air, and thus no oxygen, in outer space, so the rocket needs to bring its own oxygen to burn its fuel.

Why is it so difficult to go from earth into outer space?

the large gravitational pull of the earth keeps things on the ground and what is needed in space weighs a lot including food water and rocket fuel. another thing is that rocket fuel is very expensive (about 70 bucks a gallon) it takes a lot of rocket fuel to get supplies into space

What kind of engines do you require to achieve flight in earth atmosphere and in outer space?

To fly in the lower atmosphere requires a jet engine, but to fly in the upper atmosphere and outer space requires the vehicle to have rocket fuel and a speciallly designed rocket engine.

How do rocket can work in earth's atmosphere and outer space?

simple rocket science...the fuel tank on a space shuttle carries it's own oxygen in a separate hull NEXT to the actual fuel (hydrogen) tank which allows the fuel to burn, as there is no oxygen in the vacuum of space, and fire, of course, needs plenty of oxygen...

Why does it require less fuel to accelerate a rocket in outer space than in Earth's atmosphere?

Because there's less gravity therefore it takes less effort to push the rocket

How is a real rocket able to blast into space?

the pressure from the the rocket's fuel thingy makes the rocket go up. pretty soon, the rocket is in space.

How can a rocket move through outer space where no matter exists for it to push on?

The conservation of momentum is such that, when a rocket throws fuel and gas out of its thrusters, in order to maintain equilibrium, the rocket moves forwards to counter the motion backwards of the propellant.

What type of fuel does the space shuttle need?

It uses rocket fuel

How does rocket fuel burn in space without oxygen?

The rocket carries its own supply of oxygen with which to burn the fuel.

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