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630 pm central time would be -1 hour eastern time so eastern time is 730 pm

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2008-09-06 21:18:44
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England is 6 hours behind of England

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Q: What time is 630pm central time in the eastern time zone?
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If you are in the Central Time Zone what is the time difference for the Eastern Time Zone?

The Central Time Zone is one hour earlier than the Eastern Time Zone

Eastern time zone vs central time zone?

One hour. 10 AM Central Time = 11 AM Eastern Time

What is eastern time zone if central time zone is 7 am?

8 AM, because the Eastern Time Zone is 1 hour ahead of the Central Time Zone.

What time is CST in Eastern Standard Time?

Eastern Standard Time [EST] is one hour later than CST. CST is Central Standard Time. The Central Time Zone is the zone to the west of the Eastern Time Zone. The Central Time Zone is between the Eastern Time Zone and the Mountain Time Zone.

Is it earlier in a central time zone or an eastern time zone?

It is earlier in the central time zone than in the eastern time zone. 10 AM CST = 11 AM EST.

Is Ohio in central or eastern time zone?

Eastern time

What two time zones can be found in Tennessee?

The eastern part of Tennessee is in the Eastern Time Zone. Knoxville and Chattanooga are in the Eastern Time Zone. The central and western part of Tennessee are in the Central Time Zone. Nashville and Memphis are in the Central Time Zone.

Is Pensacola central time zone?

No. It is in the eastern time zone.

What time zone is Arkansas in?

Central Time Zone

Is Toronto in eastern or central time zone?

eastern time

How many hours is central ahead of eastern time zone?

The central time zone (CST) is not ahead of eastern time zone (EST). The eastern time zone is one hour ahead of the central time zone. So if it is 9:00 AM CST, it is 10 AM EST.

If you travel from the eastern time zone to the central time zone What is the time change?

One hour. 8 AM Eastern = 7 AM Central.

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