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It is 12 pm eastern time

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2011-03-15 15:11:51
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England is 6 hours behind of England

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Q: What time is 2 pm central time in eastern time zone?
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What time is 800 pm central time in the eastern time zone?

8 PM Central Time = 9 PM Eastern Time

What time is it in central time zone if its 6 pm eastern time?

6 PM Eastern Time = 5 PM Central Time

How much time more is eastern time then central time?

The Eastern Time Zone is 1 hour ahead of the Central time Zone. When it is 2 pm Central Time, it is 3 Pm Eastern Time.

If the time in new york city eastern time zone is 830 pm what time is it in central time zone?

8:30 pm Eastern is 7:30 pm Central.

What time is 1 pm Central time in the Eastern time zone?

12 pm

8 PM Central is what time in the Atlantic zone?

8 PM Central = 9 PM Eastern

What time is 100 pm central time in the eastern time zone?

If it is 1:00 PM in Central Time then it is 2:00 PM in Eastern Time.... :).

What time is 630pm central time in the eastern time zone?

630 pm central time would be -1 hour eastern time so eastern time is 730 pm

If it is 3 PM central standard time what time is it in eastern standard time zone?

6pm easternThis answer is incorrect. The eastern time zone is 1 hour ahead of Central. Therefore if it is 3PM Central it is 4PM Eastern, not 6PM.

What time is it in the Central Time Zone when it is 8 00 pm in the Eastern Time Zone?

The Central Time Zone is just one zone west of the Eastern Time Zone in the US which means that it is on a time that is one hour behind the time in the Eastern zone.Example: When the time is 8:00 pm EST, the time is 7:00 pm CST.Additional information:The Central Standard Time Zone is equivalent to the Greenwich Mean Time/UTC -6, while the Eastern Standard Time Zone is GMT/UTC -5.

Difference between EST time zone and CET time zone?

Central European Time is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time so it means that if the time in eastern time zone is 5 pm the in the central europe time is 11 pm

What time is 6 pm eastern time in central time zone?

5pm ct

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