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Approximately 16% Plastic is very harmful to the environment because it takes such a long time to decompose!

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Q: What percentage does plastic take up in landfills?
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How much space does plastic take up in landfills?

On average, 16% of the space in landfills is taken up by plastic.

How much space do water bottles take up in landfills?

The water bottles in landfills take up a great deal of space. It is estimated that about 20 percent of a landfill can be made up of plastic from water bottles.

What animals do landfills hurt?

landfills hurt anyone, they take up space and since plastic doesn't desintigrate they are almost like littering tons of trash.

How much space does paper take up in landfills?

it take up 26% in landfills

Harmful effects of plastic bags?

People and animals can choke on them and they take up space in landfills for a long time if discarded rather then recycled.

How much land does landfills take up?


What happen when we throw plastic cans away?

It piles up in landfills. Plastic takes a very long time to decompose. Wildlife can also get caught in some plastic shapes and get hurt or die. This is why it's important to recycle, it helps keep landfills from filling up and we can reuse our old plastic instead of having to make new plastic.

How can recycling help decrease the amount of garbage in landfills?

when you recycle they to your bottles to the center and they mash them up and send them to companies that recyle. but the companies re-use the plastic instead of throwing it out and therefore less plastic in the landfills.

What will happen if landfills fill up?

When landfills fill up, people open up new landfills.

What happens to plastic bags that go in the bin?

They clog up landfills and take hundreds of years to decompose. it's absolutely STUPID. use a reusable bag. they're better.

How much space do styrofoam cups take up in landfills?

30 %

How many plastic bags go into landfills?

i looked up on the net and found out that approximately 7 billion plastic bags go to landfill every year

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